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September 22, 2023

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You can get all three sites (LundukeConservativeNerds, & NerdyEntertainment) -- for a full year -- for $95.  Which is a pretty awesome deal if you do the math.

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November 16, 2023
openSUSE is worth saving. And I think it's possible.

openSUSE Linux has a long, rich history -- coupled with a uniquely valuable feature-set.

Unfortunately, serious mismanagement, a lack of vision, almost zero marketing, and (worst of all) a policy of deliberate alienation of half the population... has put openSUSE on a bad road.

Here I cover what, specifically, is going wrong with openSUSE... and how I believe it could be not only fixed, but set on a path towards massive success.

November 08, 2023
When Apple built MacOS... for Solaris and HP-UX. In 1994.

Back in 1994, Apple released the Macintosh Application Environment for UNIX. And it was kind of amazing.

This is the Audio/Video version of the following article:

November 01, 2023
Ranting about Apple hardware... and glue - Lunduke's Big Tech Show - November 1st, 2023

It needs to be done. Because it's a day that ends in Y.

November 22, 2023
The futility of Ad-Blockers

Ads are filling the entirety of the Web -- websites, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. -- at an increasing rate. Prices for those ad placements are plummeting. Consumers are desperate to use ad-blockers to make the web palatable. Google (and others) are desperate to break and block ad-blockers. All of which results in... more ads and lower pay for creators.

It's a fascinatingly annoying cycle. And there's only one viable way out of it.

Looking for the Podcast RSS feed or other links? Check here:

Give the gift of The Lunduke Journal:

The futility of Ad-Blockers
November 21, 2023
openSUSE says "No Lunduke allowed!"

Those in power with openSUSE make it clear they will not allow me anywhere near anything related to the openSUSE project. Ever. For any reason.

Well, that settles that, then! Guess I won't be contributing to openSUSE! 🤣

Looking for the Podcast RSS feed or other links?

Give the gift of The Lunduke Journal:

openSUSE says "No Lunduke allowed!"
September 13, 2023
"Andreas Kling creator of Serenity OS & Ladybird Web Browser" - Lunduke’s Big Tech Show - September 13th, 2023 - Ep 044

This episode is free for all to enjoy and share.

Be sure to subscribe here at to get all shows & articles (including interviews with other amazing nerds).

"Andreas Kling creator of Serenity OS & Ladybird Web Browser" - Lunduke’s Big Tech Show - September 13th, 2023 - Ep 044
November 27, 2023
post photo preview
openSUSE ditches recognizable, beloved logo
Because everything else with their Linux distro is going down the toilet... so why not?

Note: This article is not a joke.  It is not satire.  It is a very real -- and very stupid -- thing that is happening right now.  And, while it may only impact a small portion of the Linux-using world, it is simply too ridiculous to not talk about.

I've talked about the problems with openSUSE a few times before.  It is an historically significant piece of the Linux world... one which I used to sit on the Board of.  I have a deep fondness for openSUSE, despite the many problems, and gross mismanagement, it currently faces.

Yet, despite all of the problems that plague openSUSE -- ranging from deliberate alienation of 50% of their users... to a confusing, ever-changing array of download options --  there has remained one aspect of this Linux distribution that has been rock solid.

The logo.

It may be a small thing... but it's important.

The openSUSE chameleon is one of the most recognizable and beloved logos and mascots in the Linux world (perhaps only second to Tux the Penguin, himself).

The current, longtime openSUSE logo and mascot.

I used to go to Linux conferences with boxes full of hundreds of stuffed openSUSE chameleon plushies... people clammored for them.  I would stand on stage and toss them out to people, often literally jumping up and down for them.  Those boxes would be empty within moments.  That logo / mascot was instantly recognizable, on sight.

And, just as importantly, it made people smile.

So if there's one thing that openSUSE would not possibly think about changing... it's that logo.  Right?

And, yet, that is exactly what openSUSE has decided to do.  To take what is one of the only good pieces of branding they have... and throw it into the garbage.

Right now, the openSUSE membership is voting one which proposed logo to replace it with.  Here's a sampling.

Seriously.  One of these might be the new openSUSE logo.

In all honesty... I can't decide which of those logos I hate the most.  And what, exactly, is that weird aligator on the right doing to the poor... is that an iOS app icon?  You know what.  I don't even want to know.

Which abomination will the openSUSE members choose to replace their existing, recognizable, beloved logo?  It will be interesting to see, when voting finishes.

"Interesting" in the same way that "sneezing out a giant booger onto your computer screen and then trying wipe it up with your sleeve only to realize that you now have a pretty big booger on your sleeve" is... "interesting".

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November 25, 2023
December at The Lunduke Journal. It's gonna be a fun ride.

2023 has been one heck of a fun year at The Lunduke Journal.

  • We’ve published some of the most hard-hitting journalism in the Tech world — on Wikimedia, Mozilla, The Linux Foundation, Open Source, and so many other companies and topics.

  • We’ve had some great podcasts and videos — including the “macOS Sucks” event.

  • We’ve consolidated all of The Lunduke Journal content (every video, article, and more) onto one, freedom-loving platform: (Leaving Patreon, Substack, YouTube, and others mostly behind.)

What will December hold? How will The Lunduke Journal finish out this wild year?

In the most “Lunduke Journal-y Way” possible.

  • Publishing multiple deep, investigative articles which have been in the works for several months — and which will be talked about for years to come.

  • Amiga Week” kicks off on December 6th. An entire week with a special focus on Amiga (and Amiga inspired systems).

  • The “Linux Suck 2023” event. Live streamed (and on-demand).

  • And, of course, a healthy dose of podcasts, comics, satire, and articles.

Yeah. December is going to be one heck of a grand finale for what was already an incredible year.

A huge thanks to all of you amazing subscribers who make everything possible — couldn’t do this without you!

On that note: The biggest events coming up in December will all be subscriber-only (or, in a few cases, subscriber-first). Including “Linux Sucks 2023” and some articles that everyone is going to be talking about.

If you don’t have a subscription yet: Get one. If it’s still Saturday (November 25th), you can grab a Lifetime deal that’s absolutely insane. After Saturday, the prices go back up.

But December isn’t here quite yet. For the last few days of November, we’re going to have some fun.

  • Monday, November 27th, we’ll be doing an “Ask Lunduke” show.

  • Tuesday, November 28th, there will be a live stream — recording a regular podcast, plus a live chatroom hangout.

  • And plenty of comics, satire, and fun throughout the final days of November.

See you on Monday, you amazing smelling nerds.


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November 22, 2023
post photo preview
Linux Foundation shocks industry by announcing sub-Foundation which actually involves Linux
"This just doesn't take advantage of their core strengths," stated an analyst for Gartner

Earlier this morning, The Linux Foundation shocked the entire Tech industry by announcing a new sub-Foundation which, uncharacteristically, involves Linux.

"I realize this is a bit out of left field for us," stated Linux Foundation President, Jim Zemlin.  "I'm sure some of you will be disappointed that our new sub-Foundation has nothing to do with Vaccine Passports, Blockchains, or Artificial Intelligence.  But, hey, it's ok if we do some things related to Linux occasionally, right?"

Industry analysts were quick to share their skepticism about the new, Linux-focused project from The Linux Foundation.

"This just doesn't take advantage of their core strengths," stated an analyst for Gartner.  "How do we know they can succeed with a Linux-focused project?  They haven't tried something like that in quite some time.  Now, if you told me this new sub-Foundation was a Green Energy initiative -- or, heck, even a line of artisanal jerky -- I would be a bit more optimistic about their chances for success."

Upon hearing this quote from Gartner, according to an anonymous source, the Linux Foundation CEO muttered "The Open Jerky Foundation... say... that's not a bad idea..."

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