Seriously. His response was profane. F-bombs, the works. From a C-level executive of the company. ## This is the future of Odysee I repeat: It was made clear to me, by the person who runs Odysee, that this sort of content **was the Odysee brand** and that this was the future. I raised concerns around this strategy -- as one of the most prominent creators on the platform. Not a lot of high quality content creators want their content hosted on a platform where their viewers are recommended to watch "F***ING breaking my F***ING A**HOLE!!" right next to their own content. It's confusing. It's weird. It's gross. **It's both degenerate... and simply a terrible business decision.** But that's where we are. That's the future of the Odysee and LBRY platform, as chosen by those running the platform itself. ## That's not me I'm not a big fan of cursin' and swearin'. I haven't made a video, or done a live show, where I've let a naughty word slip out in several years. I don't begrudge others for using naughty words -- just not really my thing (unless I stub my toe really, really hard). And I certainly don't want to be a part of a platform where this type of degenerate, low-quality, vulgar content is promoted not only above my own... but above *everyone else*. And where my viewers (and my family members) are subjected to such disgusting garbage **by the corporate channel**. The damage this does to me (and other creators) is obvious. Political comentators. Journalists. Engineers. Tech enthusiasts. Popular culture reviewers. Comedians. All sidelined and ignored, in favor of gross, shock-value-only, low-quality, highly vulgar gegeneracy. If that is Odysee, count me out. ## Leaving Odysee I'm out. Despite years of significant investment and effort... I am, immediately, ceasing all involvement with LBRY and Odysee. I will not be publishing my future content here. I will not continue doing any work with the company -- those couple hours of part time consulting? Those are done. I will not recommend anyone use the platform, in any way. I simply will not associate myself with filth, garbage, degeneracy, and low-quality. ## Where to find me You can find most of my articles over at []( And you can find all of my audio and video content over at []( Both free to use -- though you can pay to support me at if you wish (totally optional). What will I do with the archive of content here on LBRY / Odysee? Honestly, I don't know. For the moment I will simply cease all future publication. Going forward I may remove this channel entirely and bring all the content elsewhere. Not sure yet. Heck. Maybe Odysee and LBRY will realize how big of a mistake they have made (Titanic level bad) and change course. Who knows. Time will tell. Either way. You know where to find me.">
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Nerdy books, magazines, "Linux Sucks", Videos, Comics, Old Computers... nerdy stuff. Theses are the things Lunduke does.
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