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I really like the experience here on Locals.

I like how fast it is. I like that there are no advertisements.

I like that it's easy to include videos and podcasts in a more flexible way than most social platforms.

But, what I really like... is that it's designed in a way to make "drive by trolling" really, really difficult. So we can just have casual conversations, with like-minded folks, without needing to deal with the garbage that places like Twitter or the Fediverse have.

Wonder if I can convince a good chunk of my Twitter followers to move over here to make it so I can simply give up Twitter entirely. :)

Just an idle thought...

We often praise the ability to crack codes and communications of our enemies (cracking the Enigma machine, etc.). The people who do this are, in many cases, called heroes (and rightly so).

Yet we also tend to vilify modern attempts at exposing communication of our enemies. When bills get proposed to put in back-doors in encrypted communication systems (which is, from a practical perspective, not all that different from from breaking the Enigma and similar endeavors) we, often, view those efforts as bad. Sometimes even evil.

Even when the goal is to crack the communication of Terrorist groups, rings of pedophiles, etc..

There are, obviously, differences (and many of these bills have significant issues). But the end goal is roughly the same: "Crack the encrypted communication of an enemy." Yet the response is night and day different.

I find that absolutely fascinating.

Bryan Lunduke@Lunduke
July 01, 2020

Lunduke and Friends - June 27, 2020

Just me and Hartley this week. Talking nerdy. Good times.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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