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The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 5, 2023 - Hour 1

Get all the show notes here (along with details of the righteous tunes used in this weeks show):

The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 5, 2023 - Hour 1
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January 25, 2023
Lunduke blasted by a 9 foot tall Tesla Coil

Back in 2014, LinuxFest Northwest threw a big conference party at a place called "The Spark Museum" in Bellingham, Washington. Basically a museum of retro electronics (old radios, tv sets, and whatnot). Really cool place.

At the Spark Museum they had a 9 foot tall Tesla Coil -- which blasts out 4.6 million volts. This particular Tesla coil (one of the largest in the world) was originally owned by Cirque du Soleil... they were trying to incorporate it into a Vegas show. Legend has it someone got badly hurt (or worse) and that part of the show was scrapped.

So the Spark Museum picked that Tesla Coil up.

Then they built a big, man-sized Faraday cage that looks like something a super-villain would have, stored on his volcano island, in a steampunk novel -- complete with a battered, old-style dentist chair inside of it.

The conference organizers were given the chance to put three people inside the Faraday cage at once... and blast them with the Tesla coil.

Because I'm the luckiest darned ...

December 02, 2022
How to Pronounce Tech Words (part 2)

Curious how to properly say BIOS? WiFi? SCSI? GUID? SQL? Lunduke, the world's foremost authority on "saying stuff" (tm), will elucidate for you.

November 28, 2022
TempleOS lives on -- Forked and renamed

A quick look at the history of TempleOS — including the current forked version, known as “ZealOS”.

It’s a weird, wild ride.

The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 26, 2023

Full show notes (with links to tunes and such) here:

The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 26, 2023
The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 12, 2023 - Hour 2

Show notes and song links right here, baby!

The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 12, 2023 - Hour 2
The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 12, 2023 - Hour 1

The full show notes (including links to the songs used in today's show, and RSS feeds for the podcast):

The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 12, 2023 - Hour 1
Lunduke sick as a dog, Weekend shows delayed

Some of you are already aware, but the Lunduke clan just this week moved to our new home town… and immediately got sick. Super, duper sick.

As of right now, I can’t go more than a few minutes without coughing and just generally feel like garbage.

While this illness has made my voice sound unnaturally deep and gravelly — which I kinda dig — unfortunately this means that there is absolutely no way I can record any sort of show until my lungs and throat recover. Plus I had a gnarly fever last night, which left me unable to even write a single coherent sentence. Which means…

  • The Saturday live shows will need to be rescheduled to a future date. We’ll pick which day when I’m feeling all the way better. It’ll be something soon.

  • The Sunday Big Tech Show will be recorded on whichever day I am feeling good enough to do so. Hopefully I’m better by Sunday, but if not it’ll be LastDayLundukeIsSick+1.

  • You probably won’t see many new articles over the next couple days. Possibly a funny pictures post or two. But that’s about all I have the strength to do (after this email).

Apologies as I know many of you were looking forward to this weekends shows (as was I), but my immune system had other plans.

Fingers crossed that I can kick this thing and be back to normal quickly.


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Sunday Show Questions, Final hours for new Lifetime Subs

As Lunduke recovers from yesterday’s move to our new home town — driving across three states with three kids in the back seat — there are a couple quick

1- Subscription Changes take effect tonight

Starting tonight — at Midnight (Central Time) — the following changes will go into effect:

  1. The Standard Monthly (and Yearly) Subscription — along with the Yearly Founding Member Subscription) price is going up.

    1. Existing subscribers will be grandfathered in at their existing price.

  2. No new Lifetime Subscriptions will be offered.

    1. Existing Lifetime Subscriptions are honored for life. Naturally.

I tried to give everyone a bunch of notice and reminders on this, so hopefully nobody misses it. ;) I’m offering a discount on these subscriptions until Midnight (see below).

2- Send in your questions for the Big Sunday Tech Show

There are two ways you can send in your questions:

  1. Email them to bryan at with the subject “Show Question”.

  2. Or, even better, post them to this thread on

Any question or topic is fair game — as long as it’s good and Computer-y.

3- Final hours of this Lifetime Subscription Sale

Until Midnight tonight — when the subscription changes go into effect — I’m offering the following.

Here’s the deal:

  • Any subscription of $50 (or over) will qualify for a Founding Member Subscription.

  • And anything of $125 (or over) will qualify for a Lifetime Subscription

Both options give you full access to all sites in The Lunduke Journal (including both Locals and Substack). See here for details on all the perks.

To get a Founding Member Subscription:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose the "Annual" option.

  3. Enter "$50" (or more) in the amount field.

To get a Lifetime Subscription:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose "Give Once".

  3. Enter "$125" (or more) in the amount field.

Note I am processing these manually, so give me a few hours to upgrade your accounts (on both Substack and Locals) after you make the purchase. I will contact each of you by email after I set your accounts properly. If you don’t hear from me within a day, send an email to [email protected] to make sure your accounts get full access.


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New Lunduke subscription changes go into effect starting Wednesday.

Quick heads up, you nerds!

Last week I let everyone know about a few upcoming changes to new subscriptions for The Lunduke Journal.

Those changes are going into effect at the end of the day (midnight) on March 15th (this coming Wednesday).


  • Monthly subscription price going up (existing monthly subscribers grandfathered in at their existing price).

    • Yearly and Founding Member prices will be going up at the same time.

  • No new Lifetime Subscriptions will be offered (existing Lifetime Subscriptions, obviously, are honored for life).

If you already have a subscription… you’re locked in and good to go.

All the details are on this post (and the accompanying podcast episode).

Check out the details.

React accordingly.

Keep being awesome, nerds.


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