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Bryan Lunduke@Lunduke
December 22, 2020
Give the gift of The Lunduke Journal!

Rut-roh! Time is running out to send gifts in time for Christmas!

Never fear! The Lunduke Journal has you covered! Give the gift of a digital subscription to the nerdiest publication on planet Earth!

Just go to and follow these simple steps:

Step 1) Enter the email and name of your (very lucky and very nerdy) friend.

Step 2) Select "The Lunduke Journal" community. (Just start typing "Lunduke" and the option will appear. As if by magic.)

Step 3) Select how many months worth of The Lunduke Journal membership you want to send your friend. There's no wrong answer there.

Ka-Blamy! Click "Send Gift" and your Christmas shopping is done!

(Plus: Now you can bring your other friends and family here to hang out with The Lunduke Journal community!)

I recommend sending your friend the following link, which includes a big list of the cool stuff they get with their subscription (the digital edition of The Lunduke Journal, Linux Sucks videos,...

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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