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Bryan Lunduke@Lunduke
December 09, 2020
Linux Tycoon for DOS - 0.9.2

Welcome to the wondeful and ridiculous world of Linux Tycoon! For DOS!

The original version of Linux Tycoon was written (for Linux, Windows, and Mac) as a bit of a goof.

This is the DOS version, written entirely in Visual BASIC for DOS.

Also as a bit of a goof.

A game. Where you simulate running a Linux Distribution project. In DOS.

Is it fun?

Weeeelll... sorta?

Is it worth downloadng?

See. I mean. The entire file size is like 100k. So. You know. Even if you hate it... it'll be quick to download!

== Download ==

== System Requirements ==

- MS-DOS 5 or newer... or compatible (like FreeDOS or DOSBox).
- Intel 80186 CPU or newer.
- A monitor.
- Mouse is handy. Not required.
- Some RAM... let's say... 640k.

== How to Install ==

Copy the file LINUXT.EXE anywhere you like.

Because there's just one file.

And it can live anywhere.

== How to Run ==


There's... just one file.

== Release Notes ==

= Version 0.9.2
- Totally forgot what was in this version.
- Released it years ago.
- Probably lots of cool features and stuff!

== Links 'N Such ==

That's a great URL. That'll probably go somewhere.

== Neat-O Mosquito! ==

Yer darn skippy.
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