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Bryan Lunduke@Lunduke
November 16, 2020
The Lunduke Journal - Issue 1
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What you are about to read is a very strange publication.

Within the pages of The Lunduke Journal, you will not read about the latest press release from a Cloud Storage Provider (tm). Nor will you be inundated with Best Practices around the Containerization of Big Data. Whatever the heck that actually means.

What you will find... are nerdy things.

Happy, nerdy things. Stuff that you can read -- and activities you can enjoy -- by yourself... or with your friends... or with your kids. Always family friendly, always Safe-For-Work.

A new issue of The Lunduke Journal comes out every two weeks, and is chock full of:

Super-Nerdy Articles - The kind of stuff you won't read in an Enterprise Computing type magazine. In this issue, we're diving into the wild and wonderful world of Computer Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's). Their history, their modern usage, and even how to set up your own in 2020. New topics every issue. Linux? Retro-computing? Alternative Operating Systems? You bet.

Nerdy Comic Strips - I like Dad Jokes. The nerdier the better. Sprinkled throughout The Lunduke Journal you'll find some of the nerdiest Dad Jokes and comic strips on the planet. Because smiling is important.

Tech News - One page of Technology news. Maximum. And only the stuff that is truly interesting. Or entertaining. Or just plain weird. Don't have time to keep up with the Tech news? One page every two weeks. Boom. Done.

Nerdy Crafts - Seriously. Crafts. Paper dolls of the Linux mascot (Tux the Penguin). Cross Stitch patterns. Color-by-numbers. All extremely nerdy. Got a spouse you'd like to introduce to your nerdy world? Want to play paper dolls with your kids... using the Linux mascot? The Lunduke Journal is your place.

And The Lunduke Journal is always ad free. Supported entirely by readers, like you, who subscribe to support the publication and get new issues every two weeks.

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( is the recommended place to subscribe. Amazing, nerdy community. Get alerted the moment new issues are available... as well as new videos I produce.)

Yours in nerdiness,
- Bryan Lunduke

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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