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Bryan Lunduke@Lunduke
January 21, 2021
Sometime soon I will be deleting a bunch of On-Line accounts.
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a few others. Decided it's time to straight-up delete them.

I've experimented with not using them in the past... but, after thinking on it for quite some time, fully deleting them is the right way to go for me.

The nuclear option.

I'm going to dial my On-Line presence down to just two primary services (Locals and Odysee).

## or
(they both go to the same place)

All my social media type activity will be here. It's nice here. Happy, nerdy, and respectful.


This is my primary Tech channel on Odysee. All public videos are here that deal with computing and the like.


My secondary channel. Only about political stuff. All political ramblings stay there. Makes my politics easy to ignore if you prefer. :)

Not sure about the exact timeline for when I'll delete those other accounts. Probably in the next week. Give or take a couple days. Give folks some time to follow me on Locals and/or Odysee first.

Then... kabooooooom.
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I've always liked the idea of running OpenBSD on my personal machine. I'm fairly ignorant about the nuts and bolts, but again, I like the ideology of the project. Today, I found this:

Also, Theo once called someone a "slack-jawed drooler" on one of their mail lists. Which made him my hero.

I think I'm gonna...
3 hours ago
ok! this is the limit !
Nothing more from me for some time !
A local band from Norway ( ørsta ) , playing rock and roll!
#SundaySounds I tried to post a Weird Al video but playback was broken because ol' Al disabled playback off of YT :(.

So here is another song.
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